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Education & Health & Justice

Depending on setting, acoustics can change the efficiency of a room. Appropriate room acoustics will improve speech intelligibility which will ensure communication is clear and concise. Benefits of this include improved learning, customer interactions and critical listening.


We prefer to fix real problems in real situations, not blinding our clients with science.

We have considerable experience of the acoustic design challenges associated with the construction or refurbishment of schools and academies, designing to Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) and BREEAM.

Examples:  Edgware Jewish Primary School; Tiffin Girls School; Castle Court School; Chigwell School; Lancing College

Further Education

Formulaic design guidance has its place, and some 'standard' projects can be treated that way, but the bespoke nature of many further education settings requires a more tailored approach to deliver the end user with what they need (even when often they don't know what they need at the outset!) 

We also have good working relationships with estates and buildings departments at a number of UK universities, who call on us whenever something is too noisy!

Examples: University of Surrey; Oxford University Cardiac Unit; Cambridge University Astrophysics; Open University Recital Room; Zayed University; Sussex University Campus

Special Needs Schools

Pupils with special needs often have specific requirements that may not be catered for within a typical school setting (in fact that’s what special needs means).   This may be the need to minimise low frequency noise levels in classrooms to aid the hearing impaired.

We have extensive experience of acoustics in educational buildings, as well as a familiarity with high performance external building façades to control noise break-in. This requires bespoke and innovative solutions to address these issues. Our team works with architects, designers and the schools themselves to ensure the project achieves the desired objective, ensuring pupils can get the most from their education. 

Health Centres & Hospitals

Acoustics in healthcare environments makes a difference to speech communication and privacy, but also to the general ambience of the environment for patients, healthcare workers and visitors alike.

CSA's previous experience ranges from refurbishment of small consulting rooms to the construction of entire district hospitals.

Examples: Great Western Hospital Swindon, Royal National EN+T Hospital, The Heart Hospital, Mayday Hospital Croydon


Effective verbal communication is the key factor in courtroom acoustics, with control of background noise levels and room reverberation being vitally important, both with and without assistance from public address systems. 

Examples: The Old Bailey; City of London Magistrates Courts; Bulford Military Court Centre; Salisbury Law Courts


We have spent more time inside than most acoustic consultants! The development of pre-cast modular cell block design featured in a number of consultancy projects, as did extended discussions with the Ministry of Justice over the precise definition of 'rooms for residential purposes', more commonly applied to hotels...

Examples: Bullingdon; Moorland; Long Lartin; Nottingham; Swaleside