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Demolition & Construction

It is vital when undergoing demolition and construction works to undertake appropriate assessments of the noise generated to ensure noise sensitive receptors nearby are not to be adversely impacted. Noise, vibration and dust management plans set the outlines for limits to keep impact to those nearby low and monitoring is often required to ensure that those limits are being followed.

Noise, Vibration & Dust monitoring

Major construction projects have the potential to cause annoyance in the community due to noise and vibration emissions. The Control of Pollution Act provides a framework within which the disruption associated with major schemes can be managed and controlled, but can be quite an administrative burden.

Best practise and good community relations are often as important as prior consent and agreed working hours in minimising the impact of inevitably noisy activities.

Site telemetry enables this inclusive approach to be backed up with live monitoring and feedback via email and text alerts.  Dust monitoring is often required too, and can be included on the same platform as noise and vibration, providing a 'one stop shop' for the site monitoring programme. 

Examples: CrossRail, Pitt Rivers Museum Annex, Blocks W1 to W5 Regent St, Southampton University, Colmore Row, and airports

Noise, Vibration & Dust Management

Although there is a formal framework within which the disruption associated with major schemes can be managed and controlled (the Control of Pollution Act), the CSA recipe of early engagement, clear communications and a generous serving of common sense often goes down much better with all involved.

Our track record and experience of applications for prior consent under s61 of the Act enables us to tailor the most helpful route to each client for each project.

A Noise, Vibration and Dust Management Plan is becoming a more frequent planning requirement, bringing the assessment under the Town and Country Planning Act, with less emphasis on the Control of Pollution and Environmental Pollution Acts.

Examples: Shell Gas Terminal, Bellanaboy Bridge; BTC Pipeline Azerbaijan; Crown Estate Properties, Regent St, North Quay, Hayle Harbour