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About us

Founded in 1994, Clarke Saunders Acoustics (CSA), formerly Alan Saunders Acoustics, has been developing engineering solutions to a wide range of physical problems tempered by experience of the practical difficulties of implementation. A unique diversity of skillsets allows CSA to offer a flexible approach to acoustics, offering bespoke solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

CSA has grown steadily both in size and reputation, effective in handling a range of projects from building services to shooting noise, historic refurbishments to super-prime residential developments, CSA has developed innovative solutions to our clients’ acoustical challenges for nearly 30 years. CSA clientele can be found in all kinds of industries and sectors, including developers, architects, contractors, and end users, and have ranged from large infrastructure projects to single residential conversions.

Acoustics can be thought of as a quantitative discipline where results are predictable and the subject of formulation. Whilst this often holds true, CSA’s key to success over the last 28 years has been the ability to integrate that sound scientific base with an appreciation of the subjective aspects of modern engineering: expectation, aspiration, and opinion.

Our Team

We know an awful lot about acoustics, but always want to learn more. Professional development isn’t a chore when you have this attitude. Developments in the instrumentation, software and techniques we use to do our work are only half the story, we need to keep pace with the continuously evolving environment in which we’re doing it.

That includes changes in guidance and legislation, new noise control and construction techniques and materials, and new noise sources like fracking and drones. We are very actively involved in our academic (IOA) and trade (ANC) associations, and generally a bit more into it than is probably healthy!